Animal Reiki Their Healing Journey 

Animal Reiki is a complementary healing therapy for all your animals in distress or suffering from an illness.

A healing, gentle, painless, stress free way to help your pets lead a healthy balanced life. It’s safe and comfortable and heals at every level.

Benefits of Animal Reiki for your Pets

  • Accelerates healing after surgery or illness.

  • Aids in emotional healing following trauma, abuse and neglect.

  • Enhances trust and reduces nervousness.

  • Provides support, comfort and rebalances their health.

  • Induces deep relaxation especially during their last few days. 

  • Reduces stress and anxiety.

  • Can be treated hands-on or with distant healing.

  • Helps to encourage your animals to eat.

  • Heals past, present and future situations.

  • Promotes  deep relaxation.

Rest assured Reiki will help to heal your pets, they absolutely love Reiki and respond to it very well.

The quicker we treat your pet, the quicker he or she returns to a healthy balanced life.

Our pets are part of our family. It's just as important to keep them healthy and happy as it is our children.