Cynthia Hurdiss - South Yorkshire - Reiki Treatment


Absolutely amazing Reiki treatment, total relaxation during the session and after an increased amount of energy, confidence and motivation to get up and go. I also have treatment after my chemotherapy and this helps to settle my mind and reduce my pain, allowing me to feel normal after my treatment.


Pauline Soper – Skipton - Reiki for Pain relief & Grieving


I recently fractured my back and returned to work after 10 weeks.  During the first 4 weeks, I  lost my father which added to the  I could literally feel the pain pulling out of the side of my back.  They also found I had problems with my shoulder and the back of my head. I had Reiki most days and the sense of relief and calmness made me feel very relaxed and pain-free.  

I would recommend Repose Group to anyone who is in pain, suffering from the death of a loved one or just needs to learn how to relax. 

Lee Summerscales FM247 Group Sheffield - Distant Healing


I suffered migraines for years and tablets weren’t working.  Louise introduced me to Reiki, I thought it wouldn’t work but was willing to try anything. Due to my work commitments, Louise suggested a distant healing treatment. I was extremely relaxed throughout the time she was sending it, felt tingling in my fingers and warm feeling and haven't suffered from migraines for 7 years since my last treatment. I would definitely recommend distant healing and Repose Group.

Gemma Brown – Self Employed Hairdresser London - Reiki & Massage


Louise is my Reiki and Massage Therapist and I suffer from headaches, stress at work, sometimes panic attacks and pain in my neck, upper back and shoulders. Louise always relieves my pain through the massage enabling me to carry out my normal duties at work and sends me into deep relaxation during her Reiki Treatments. Louise also puts me through meditation techniques and sends me straight to sleep. I would highly recommend Louise’s services.


Emma Johnson - West Yorkshire

Reiki Training Level 1 & 2


The first time I met Louise, I had an instant connection and knew she was the right Reiki Master to teach me how to be a Practitioner. Louise is extremely thorough and patient and my journey to Reiki Practitioner has been very enjoyable, not to mention the support provided over the past year and now looking forward to Reiki Level 3 with her in the very near future.